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The shrine Buddha is seated on stool with his right hand touching ground Earth Witness gesture. Annapurna and Lake Fewa are the land mark of Pokhara [...]

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Changunarayan hill is kilometer east of Kathmandu city. Diana Criswell Lucca Shiva and Parvati easily fend off Ravana who tries to shake them Mount Kailash from his prison. Breakfast. Swoyambhunath is most sacred among Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu valley [...]

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You can make journey to Pokhara more adventurous by white water river rafting Trishuli . Adventure in Pokhara Paragliding Ultra flight Zip flyer white water river rafting hiking etc. Dhulikhel and Hatiban are famous for countryside tour. Caves and have similar design as but are in poor condition [...]

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Gaurishankar the background Himalaya. Adventure in Pokhara Paragliding Ultra flight Zip flyer white water river rafting hiking etc. Intrestingly Muktinath is also pilgrimage for Buddhists. In contrast to the serene and solemn Buddhas of earlier caves walls Hindu are covered lively basreliefs depicting events from scriptures [...]

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The National Art gallery in palace Dattatreya Temple Bhairavnath Nyatpole Taumadi etc. Alex Gaylon View of the monumental Kailash Temple Cave built . Adventure in Pokhara Paragliding Ultra flight Zip flyer white water river rafting hiking etc [...]

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Daman has widest Mountain View. Sankhu Sundarijal Changunarayan Gokarna forest Kirtipur Bungmati village Chapagaon and Bajra Barahi temple Thimi Chobhar Dakhinakli Lele etc. They are not large compared to others but contain exceptionally detailed artworks [...]

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The Muktinath Temple complex has holy water spouts set on wall for bath. These pillars were erected by Lichhavi King Manadeva . North of this the trail soon drops steeply down to gorge under seasonal waterfall and back up Cave Dhumar Lena. Ellora is World Heritage Site and the most visited ancient monument in Maharashtra State [...]

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Per person Sagarmatha national park fee . Shoko Google Magnificent view from the Kailash Temple Cave built . The Kailash Temple is stupendous piece of architecture with interesting spatial effects and varied sculpture. Damodarkunda is glacier lake at the slope of Himal in Mustang [...]

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Experience We are in tourism since including Hotel and Travel business. N . Endangered Birds like giant Hornbill Bengal florican black Stork white etc [...]

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Jungle walk To see Sal forest open grass land mammals birds track Tiger through their foot prints with help of trackers. Diana Criswell The Kailash Temple Cave built . The statue is meters long and placed in middle of pool water which depicting Lord Vishnu reclining coils cosmic serpent called Sheshanag. The most famous one is Kaplan monastery minute drive from Stupa [...]

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Dhulikhel Hatiban and Daman are other famous resort towns in rim of valley. Chaksibari Marga Thamel Pakanajole Kathmandu Nepal [...]